Saturday, February 14, 2015

February citrus tasting

Notes from me for each fruit, and from another CRFG member for three fruits Notes from my husband
Hirado Buntan Pummelo  I liked it a lot, refreshing taste fresh, very good, not very sweet, acidic (good)
Mato Buntan Pummelo Not for me Very thick skin
Xuegan Sweet Orange Just OK, membranes are hard sweet
Boukhobza Maltaise Blood Orange Very very nice.  I liked it a lot, complex flavor.

Note from from another CRFG member: "Good. It was speckled, which was interesting. I haven't seen that particular pattern in blood oranges I've tasted before. It was sweet but not much acid. Which made the taste less complex and more "watery" to my taste. It was nice and those who value sweetness above all would probably rate it higher"
incredible; deep color; like sweet grapes; not acidic
Moro blood orange Nice, I liked the complexity very unusual, smoky, sweet, not acidic
Smith Red blood orange Just normal good orange could be found at market, nothing special
Rotuma Island sweet orange Small fruit, but excellent flavor.

Note from from another CRFG member: "A good eating orange. I didn't know what I was getting into so I cut it equatorially. I think I should have tried peeling it and eating the segments. I lost some of the juice trying to get at the orange within the "half shell". Nice balance of sweet and acid. The mingled taste of flesh and a bit of the rind oils lingered on my tongue in a pleasant way. Seeds but not horribly seedy."
kind of generic
Encore mandarine Usual, nice, nothing special.

Note from from another CRFG member: "Easy to peel. Very little peel matter so you get immediately to very plump segments. Average amount of seed. Sweet with a little acid. Good. Probably great in a lot of people's opinion. I tend to want more intense flavors, though. However, the peeling and prep experience was excellent and would make this a good fruit to carry in a lunchbox as you could anticipate little mess eating it with hands only."
Oily skin, good
W. Murcott Afourer mandarin Complex flavor, I liked it Liked it better than Encore mandarine
Pomona Sweet lemon Probably OK for this type of fruit with lemon slightly, not sweet, nice color
Lemonade lemon More like a lemon oily, unusual, sweet, with traces of gasoline
Yen Ben lemon Normal lemon very acidic, not for eating, for cooking
Lapithiotiki lemon Too lemony even more acid than Yen Ben lemon, painful to eat

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