Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Kadsura coccinea, male and perfect flowers

 In this post I show two types of flowers my Kadsura vines are producing now. The first type doesn’t contain pistil, which is the female part. These flowers only contain stamens, the male parts, and can be classified as male flowers. Below are the pictures of male flowers from two different seedling vines, a pink and a green selection.

The other type of flowers my vines are making seem to be perfect or hermaphrodites. They have both the male and female parts. The below pictures show the pistil (the female part) above the stamens.

It’s not easy to find pictures of the inner parts of Kadsura coccinea flowers. I found one good picture which shows that pistil can be significantly branched, or maybe there are multiple pistils. It’s possible that my vines are too young right now to produce flowers with well-developed pistils.

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