Saturday, October 14, 2023

Apple Tasting - Mid October 2023

 This post describes seven apples and one Asian pear harvested on October 12, 2023.

Cripps Pink

Sweet and sour, juicy. The texture could be better. Probably need more time on the tree.

King David

Sweet and mealy. Should be picked earlier.


Sweet and aromatic. This could be Golden Delicious.

Asian Pear Shinko

Very juicy and sweet. Picked at the righ time.

Cripps Red

Sour, dense, not ready.

Calville Blanc

Picked too early, the flavor hasn't developed.

Reinette Simirenko

Sweet, aromatic, and crispy. The best in this batch, regardless of the brown spotting. Should be picked a bit earlier.

Coloma Old by the road

Tart, dence but aromatic. This could be a cider apple. May need more time on the tree. 

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