Monday, October 22, 2018

Feijoa fruits in late October 2018

Four varieties of feijoa were fruiting during the last few days. They are Coolidgei, Apollo, my seedling #3, and Marion.

Coolidgei (left) and Apollo
Apollo is sweeter and smoother. Its almost grit-less.

My seedling #3 (left) and Marion
Surprisingly, seedling #3 has smooth and sweet flesh. It is significantly sweeter than this particular fruit of Marion

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Early feijoas in 2018

As of October 11, I have three varieties ripe with the fruits dropped from the trees. Coolidgei is my oldest feijoa tree planted in 2001.  This tree might be the original Coolidge, as it has round fruits.  However I bought it labelled as Coolidgei. The other two varieties are Marion and Kaiteri. These are small trees planted couple of years ago, and they produced just few fruits this year. In the picture below, Coolidgei is top left, Marion is on the right, and Kaiteri is at the bottom.

My favorite out of this three is Kaiteri. However, I was surprised to hear that my son prefers the old plain Coolidgei that has significantly less soft matter in the fruit, and more acidic than Kaiteri. All these are good fruits.

Below are the cut fruits, left to right: Kaiteri, Marion, Coolidgei. All Kaiteri fruits have darker flesh.  They are not overripe.

Feijoa tasting on October 17, 2021

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