Saturday, December 9, 2023

Mulberries in 2023

 The spring and summer of 2023 were very busy for us as we planted over a thousand trees during this time. Only occasionally I took the videos and pictures of the fruits. The mulberries fruited great and we enjoyed them very much.

In the image below starting from top clockwise: DMOR9, Australian Green, Black Prince, Easter Egg. Isfahan is in the middle.

All these are great mulberries with unique flavors. 

Australian Green is honey sweet without any acidity. It’s probably identical to Saharanpur Local and Pakistan White.

Black Prince is a very productive intense flavored berry fruiting later the most. It’s very sweet with some acidity. Highly frost tolerant, originally from Ukraine. The berries also have a better storage life than other mulberries. I planted multiple trees of this cultivar as I think it has a commercial potential for local fruit sales. Below are a couple more pictures of Black Prince from June.

Black Prince will also fruit in a pot at least for a couple years, but you would need to prune it hard as it’s a large tree normally. Below are the fruit on my potted tree before I put the plant into the ground.

Easter Egg is purely sweet but with a floral flavor in them. Great mulberry.

DMOR9 is one of the best flavored long fruited mulberries. Seems to be perfectly frost tolerant in zone 9B.

Below is DMOR9 on the right and Taiwanese Long on the left. These are very similar but have a little different flavors. Taiwanese Long tree is more frost sensitive and the upper canopy was damaged by the frost to about 4 feet from the ground.
Taiwanese Long leaves also have very different form than DMOR9. Here is the berry on a leaf.

Isfahan is very large and fat pure sweet white mulberry. The tree is large and produces abundantly.

Frank is also pure sweet mulberry tinted with lavender.

Shangri La makes large black sweet-sour berries that need to ripen completely to be enjoyable. Some consider this as one of the best flavored mulberries. Very large leaves.

Aussie is a very early wonderful mulberry with extra large berries which are often of irregular form.

Galicia is another mulberry from Ukraine with a great degree of frost tolerance. The berries are large, black, sweet, but relatively mild in the flavor.

My plan for the next spring-summer is to record every mulberry which I still don’t have presented on my blog here or on my YouTube channel. Make sure to check the mulberry videos I have there:

The cuttings of the above described accessions and a number of others are usually available during the sales at


  1. Do you have any details on Kane mulberry? Nothing show up in my search.

    1. This should be a white fat mulberry from the city of Kane in Iran

  2. What is your favorite extremely cold hardy mulberry?

    1. I can't test the cold hardiness in 9B. Black Prince would be my choice if I needed to grow one in a cold climate. Galicia and Susidka are from Ukraine too and should be hardy


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