Saturday, December 2, 2023

Hybrid Goumi Catherine's Find and its progenies

 There are multiple selections of goumi, Elaeagnus multiflora. However, the selection Catharine's Find is of unclear origin and is probably an interspecific hybrid. It has larger and tastier fruits than the commonly available goumis. I grow it for a number of years. However, the production in my shady yard was minimal so far. It seems, these trees require full sun for good production. I just planted an air layer from my home tree on my new farm and looking forward to harvesting more of these. On the other hand, two seedlings from this accession produced pretty well after just one year on the new farm. Both seedlings have smaller fruits than the mother tree. The picture below shows Catharine's Find (top) and Seedling #2 fruits.

Seedling #1 fruits are smaller than #2, but they are ripening later than #2. Below picture shows their sizes wth #1 fruits on the left.

I will have all three accessions available during the December sale at These could be rooted or grafted onto related Elaeagnus species. 


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    1. These fruited in the second half of May in 2023 in Sacramento Valley


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