Saturday, December 2, 2023

Cuttings sale in December 2023

This posts describes the cuttings sale on in December 2023.

The sale will open at 6 PM PST on December 10.

 1. This year we have not collected the scions in advance, and will cut them "to order". This means that the order shipping might be delayed by the weather conditions. We did our best estimate on the amount we can cut, and we might be able to restock some cultivars after the shipment of early orders.

 2. Some cultivars will not be linked to the descriptions.  There are two opposite reasons for this. The first group are the cultivars which are easily searchable on the web, like many apples, plums, peaches, a couple of Opuntias, etc.  And the other group are cultivars which are novel in the circulation, and we have not evaluated them in the detail yet. These are for the gardeners looking for new gerplasm to test in their conditions. 

 3. Most of the material offered here should be grafted, however, there are some accessions that could be rooted.  We successfully rooted all Elaeagnus species, Kei Apples, sour cherry PV Hybrid #1, Adara plum, and many mulberries.  Here is the post on mulberry rooting abilities you may want to check. This year I also learned that Skinner mulberry could be rooted. If you plan on rooting some material, I would still recommend grafting a piece for a backup. 

All pomegranates root fine.  If you want to graft them, make sure to graft onto strong young shoots.  More about grafting in this post.

All Opuntia pads, as well as grapes will root.

 4. The cuttings length and diameter will depends on the species.  We will supply at least 6 inches long cuttings with at least 3 buds.  A 6 inches long apricot scion can have up to 20 buds, while some vigorous mulberries might have 6-8 inches long internodes.  On average, mulberry cuttings will be longer than avocado, apricots, and feijoa. Some mulberries grow very thick shoots. If you are planning on getting the Himalayan types like Naples, Steve Murray, etc, these maybe up to 1 inch in diameter and will require established rootstocks to graft onto, or prepare yourself for chip budding your smaller rootstocks. I don't know if any of these will root. I assume that they are not easy to root. 

 5. We will offer the wood of white sapote cultivars, some cherimoya, and few other subtropicals in early March. Avocado and pitanga wood will be offered at that time too.

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