Friday, January 1, 2021

Do mulberries root?

This is a summary of my personal experience with rooting different mulberry cultivars.

Plants and cuttings from these cultivars are occasionally available at


  1. Shangri-La is also known for easily rooting. I was wondering if you're familiar with Tehama variety please?

  2. Hi Ben, thank you for the info on Shangri-La rooting. I know nothing about Tehama, never had it

  3. You always have such great notes, dates, data, etc. How do you organize your notes...on paper? app?...spreadsheet?...calendar?

  4. Hi Sandy, I keep track of my plants and grafts in Airtable. It’s a database that is a phone app and available in a spreadsheet interface in your computer browser. I like it very much. You can do as many tables and projects as you like. Only when you reach certain limit of entries you will need to start paying for it. I’m not there yet


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