Friday, January 29, 2021

Tahitian and Banana winter squash

 Last summer I was growing these cultivars. They both make very large fruits. Tahitian is Cucurbita moschata; Banana is Cucurbita maxima. 

In the picture below,Tahitian is the curved one on the top.

I was very impressed with the flavor, texture, the speed of cooking (very fast) of the Tahitian squash.  It is probably the sweetest squash I ever had.  It also stores pretty well. I am eating it in late January. The flesh is intense orange in color, and it smells fresh and fruity. I am looking forward to growing it again.

On the other hand, I was very disappointed with Banana squash.  The first thing that hit me, was the very bad smell from the cut fruit. I hoped it will disappear after storage. Unfortunately it is still present in the fruit cut in January.  There is no good flavor or sweetness in this squash.  Nobody in my family wanted to eat it.  The flesh is yellow, firm, and requires longer cooking than Tahitian squash.  

I am not going to grow it ever again, but please comment if you have a different opinion about Banana squash. 

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