Saturday, December 10, 2022

Cuttings sale in December 2022

Update: the sale has concluded.

This posts describes the cuttings sale on in December 2022.

The sale will open at 9:30 AM PST on December 11.

1. This year we have not collected the scions in advance, and will cut them "to order". This means that the order shipping might be delayed by the weather conditions, but we don't expect to have more than 10 days between the order placement and shipping.  This also means that we don't know how many scions we actually can ship.  We did our best estimate, and we might be able to restock some cultivars after the shipment of early orders.

2. Some cultivars are not linked to descriptions, as we have not evaluated them in the detail yet. You should be able to google some of these, like Aussie and Taiwanese Long mulberries, and Sakerdze pomegranate.  We don't know yet if Pakistan "Large fruited" is the same as Pakistan.  Galicia and Shelli are fat black mulberries from Ukraine. Tabriz and Isfahan are fat white, pure sweet mulberries from Iran.  These are similar to Buluklu. Frank mulberry is a sweet fat pink. Hassan Krasni apricot is a seedling from a seed received by the USDA from the former USSR. 

3. All avocados, TX persimmon, apricots, sour cherry, Che, feijoa, and loquat have to be grafted. TX persimmon will not graft onto D. kaki, you need to have a seedling of TX persimmon for rootstock. The avocado wood does not store for long.  Its is fine to graft avocados now in a greenhouse or SoCal, but could be problematic in the CA Central Valley. For those who want to graft later, we will have another sale of avocado and white sapote wood in March. 

Many mulberries will not root, especially the long fruited ones, and Illinois Everbearing. Plan on grafting these.  Here is the post on mulberry rooting abilities you may want to check. Senjed roots for me, but you may want to graft it on Russian olive as a backup. Adara plum also roots for me, but a number of people had trouble rooting it.  Plan on grafting a piece for a backup. All pomegranates root fine.  If you want to graft them, make sure to graft onto strong young shoots.  More about grafting in this post.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ube, Dioscorea alata

This post describes my first experience growing ube plants in Davis. In the spring of 2022 I started 3 plants from one tuber that was gifted to me. I cut the tuber in 3 pieces and dried them for a week or two. After planting, every piece produced a plant, and I passed one onto a friend. The other two grew fine, but the one in the sunny spot was more vigorous. By the early December the vines started to wilt and I decided to collect the tubers. 

The new tuber I found under the plant in the shady spot was small and already partially rotten. There are maybe more tubers, but the pot I grew it in has other plants which I didn’t want to disturb. 

The plant in the sunny spot produced two nice tubers, all pictures below are from the same plant.

The small piece in the picture below is the tuber chunk this plant was started from.

These turned out to be not connected by the tuber tissue 

The tubers are deep purple inside. Now I need to figure out what to do with these.

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