Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mid-February citrus

This is citrus tasting post #4 of the season.  The earlier ones are here:

Today I collected ten different citrus varieties in the yard. They are Navel, Boukhobza, and Vaniglia Sanguino oranges; Gold Nugget, Page, Tango, and Pixie mandarins; Minneola Tangelo, Nagami Kumquat, and Red grapefruit. The first five varieties listed are ripe now, and the other five still need more time on the trees.


Left to right: Navel, Vaniglia Sanguino, Boukhobza
I'm going to miss these all next month, as there are not many of these left on the trees. They all at their peak ripeness now.  They all are wonderful. Vaniglia Sanguino is acid-less orange, but it has very nice and not-so-simple flavor. I can detect a rose flavor in it.


Left to right: Page, Gold Nugget, Tango, Pixie.
My favorite now is Gold Nugget, Page is very good too, but it is almost gone from my tree.  Tango and Pixie will need more time on the tree.

Minneola Tangelo and Nagami Kumquat

Both are not ready yet.  Will try them next month.

Red Grapefruit

It's getting there, but still too bitter for me. They should be better next month.

Next month, I should be tasting the five varieties that are not ready now, and I might still have some Gold Nugget mandarins too.

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