Saturday, March 23, 2024

Frost tolerance of Himalayan Mulberries

 The past winter of 2023-2024 was the second test for my Himalayan mulberries frost tolerance. I have five two-years old trees of four cultivars, Naples, two Skinners, Taiwanese Long, and DMOR9. I also have one year old trees of these cultivars plus two trees of Steve Murray Himalayan.

The new shoot development observed on March 22 of 2024 confirmed the frost tolerance data I had last year:

As recorded in spring of 2023, Naples was the most damaged by the frosts and DMOR9 was the least damaged. 

This spring of 2024 recoding is under this link

Our lowest temperature this past winter was 24F.

While I have a new one-year old Napes, I could not clearly see if it will re-sprout or not. I may add the info on this later.

The frost tolerance of the cultivars I grow as following, starting from the most tolerant and ending with the most frost sensitive:

  • DMOR9
  • Taiwanese Long
  • Skinner
  • Steve Murray 
  • Naples 

The scions of these cultivars might be available during our winter and spring sales at

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Blooming time for various apricot cultivars in Sacramento Valley


Update from April 1, 2024

Apricot cultivars still blooming with unopened buds too:

  • Iskra 8
  • Altair 4
  • Canada White
  • Albasun
  • Seedling of Small White 
The Short with there is on the YouTube:

Update from March 26, 2024

Dudi and Alisa apricots have open flowers.

Update from March 21, 2024

Five cultivars are still mostly in the closed bud stage:

  • Iskra 4
  • Iskra 8
  • Seedling of Small White
  • Canada White
  • Altair 4

The link to the video taken on March 21

Below is the data for 32 cultivars as recorded on March 13, 2024

Some additional cultivars in the orchard might show some flowering buds later. 

The scions of some of the above listed cultivars might be available at during the winter and spring sales.

Cuttings sale in June of 2024

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