Sunday, March 19, 2023

Pollen granules of yangmei, Myrica rubra

I took the above pictures of the pollen granules on March 19, 2023. These were from the Adam selection of yangmei ( Myrica rubra ).

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Cuttings sale in March 2023

 The post describes the spring sale of wood on the Really Good Plants site.

The following accessions will be available for purchase on March 5 at 5 pm PT at

The number after each cultivar states the initial inventory.

The sale will conclude on Saturday March 11 at 5 pm.


Aravaipa 15

Sir Prize 10

Royal-Wright 25

Surinam Cherry 

Guaruja Red 20

the scions are pencil thick or thicker.  Please specify if you need the thinner ones.


Candy 14

Lickver’s Pride 12

Chesterwoody 16

Den’s Choice 16

White Goose 10

Marion 13

Albert’s supreme 11


Fortuna 10

Mulberry (some buds are getting green)

Galicia 8

Shelli 10

Isfahan 10

White Sapote

Golden Globe 14

Santa Cruz 7

Malibu #3 7

Rainbow 11

Malibu #1 10

Delta Gold 15

Michelle 6

Lemon Gold 15

Cuccio 9

Leroy 9

Roberts Rainbow 19


Female Eve 20

Male Adam 10

Yangmei selections Adam and Eve

 These post describes two selections of yangmei (Myrica rubra).  Adam is a vigorous male with abundant red flowers.

Eve is a mid to late season producing female with complex flavored and very juicy fruits. The fruits are a tad smaller than an average Biqi fruit.  In the picture below I have a large Biqi fruit (left) next to Eve (right).  

The seeds are also a little smaller in Eve (below right) than in Biqi (left).

I grow these accessions for three years and the grafts started blooming in 15 months. I had the fruits in the last two seasons. My grafts are on the Myrica pensilvanica rootstock. The scions of both accessions will be occasionally available at

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