Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Random Info on American Persimmons

I will use this page to collect the info on Diospyros virginiana accessions that came from emails, Facebook, or other sources.  Some of the info that I got through Facebook has already disappeared from there, or I'm unable to find that particular post.

1.  In January 2016 I purchased American persimmon with label H-68A, from Patric Shaffer. Since I could not find any info on this accession, I asked for info at the Facebook NAFEX group. Jerry Lehmann replied that most likely it is misspelled and actually H-63A that was distributed widely, and he sent it to Patric.  Patric says that this is the best performing and best tasting variety of D. virginiana in his conditions.  So in Patric's book it goes under H-68A.

2. In January 2017 I picked few cuttings of D. virginiana at the CRFG Redwood chapter exchange.  I asked for the info on these accessions at the Persimmon World group at Facebook, and Jerry Lehmann came up with the info.  Posting that thread here while I could access and take screenshots from it.

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