Tuesday, November 28, 2023

November Apples

 In November 2023 I recorded the fruits from four apple cultivars, Pepin Litovskii, Brushy Mountain Limbertwig, Cripps Pink, and Cripps Red.

Pepin Litovskii 

The fruit had green skin with slight blush and yellow flesh. The texture is fine grained, the flavor is complex, sweet, and pleasant. Excellent late fresh eating apple. 

My Short video on tasting this apple right from the tree:

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig

I harvested this apple in early November but tasted it on the 27th of the month. I was pleasantly surprised how good this apple is. It’s sweet with little acidity, very juicy, and highly aromatic. Excellent apple.

Cripps Pink 

I wasn’t impressed much with these when picked too early. However, the fruit picked in early November became excellent after 2 weeks on the kitchen counter. It became very sweet with little acidity and intense floral taste, crispy flesh. Another excellent apple.

Cripps Red

This is a sibling of Cripps Pink, and it seems to be ripening even later. The fruits I tasted right from the tree are good but need more time to develop the sweetness.

The video link to my Short on YouTube: https://youtube.com/shorts/7GYsFwEXHTc?si=uqqyrdSbU7lHqiYx

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