Monday, June 11, 2018

Mid-June Loquat tasting

This is my second loquat tasting of the season.  The first one is at

Left to right in the pictures:
Napa Library, Kando, Argelino, Franceschi Park


Napa Library makes the smallest fruits, Franceschi Park is larger, and Kando and Argelino are the largest.  Kando can be as large as Argelino.  On this date I only have smaller Kando fruits, as it is an earlier variety than Argelino; just few late Kando fruits are still on the tree.

Amount of flesh

Argelino seems to be having the most flesh, and Napa library has the least flesh.


Argelino and Franceschi Park are more juicy than Kando and Napa Library.


Argelino is the most complex, very flavorful, and has the highest acid content too. Franchschi Park has significant honey notes (the specific honey flavor). Napa Library is the sweetest, and Kando is sweet and pleasant for me too.  However, it seems that not everyone detects/senses the Kando sugars.  My husband does not sense them, and another friend was not impressed with Kando too.  


Napa Library was my first loquat to be ready, then Kando, then Argelino.  Argelino is at the peak ripeness now.  Franceschi park just starting to get ripe on June 11, 2018.


Argelino and Kando are known varieties.  I picked the scions few years ago at one of the CRFG winter exchanges. Napa Library is a graft from the tree growing by Napa Library.  Franceschi Park is a graft from the tree growing in Franceschi Park.

All pictures and tasting are from June 11, 2018. The fruits are grown in Davis, California.

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