Friday, January 26, 2018

Late January Citrus

Here are the results of my third citrus tasting of the season.  The first two can be found here:

Today I found a variety of ripe, and not-so-ripe citrus fruits in the yard. Below are my tasting results for some oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, tangor, and a tangelo. The pictures and the tasting are all from January 26, 2018.


Left to right: Daisy SL, 2 Page fruits from different trees, Pixie, Tango, and Gold Nugget

Daisy SL started to dry out and lost some sugar and flavors.  It was my favorite mandarin earlier in the season, but not now.  Both Page fruits are still very juicy and sweet.  The fruit from the small tree is more sweet and flavorful. Pixie and Tango mandarins are not ready yet, they are late varieties; they both are sour now. Gold Nugget is already very good, sweet and flavorful. At this time, Page and Gold Nugget are best mandarins in my yard.

Minneola Tangelo

Minneola is too sour now, it will need at least another month on the tree.

Pigmented oranges

Left to right: Vaniglia Sanguino, 2 Boukhobza oranges from different trees, and Moro blood orange.

They all are wonderful and ready now. Vaniglia Sanguino developed a nice flavor, and tastes great to me.  This is an acidless orange, so do not expect your typical orange taste in this fruit.  Both Boukhobza are very good, and Moro is at the peak ripeness too.  These three oranges could not be more different one from another, and each is great in its own way.

Navel and Tangor

Left to right: Washington Navel orange, Kiyomi Tangor from small tree, and Kyomi Tangor from the graft on the old Navel tree.

Washington Navel orange became even more sweet and flavorful comparing to its taste last month.  Both Kiyomi tangors are very juicy and good.  The fruit from the small tree seems to be a bit sweeter.


Left fruit is Cocktail, and the right is Red grapefruit.

The Red grapefruit is still not ready.  Cocktail is great tasting, sweet, and juicy.

In a month or so, I plan on re-sampling these varieties again.

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