Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ube, Dioscorea alata

This post describes my first experience growing ube plants in Davis. In the spring of 2022 I started 3 plants from one tuber that was gifted to me. I cut the tuber in 3 pieces and dried them for a week or two. After planting, every piece produced a plant, and I passed one onto a friend. The other two grew fine, but the one in the sunny spot was more vigorous. By the early December the vines started to wilt and I decided to collect the tubers. 

The new tuber I found under the plant in the shady spot was small and already partially rotten. There are maybe more tubers, but the pot I grew it in has other plants which I didn’t want to disturb. 

The plant in the sunny spot produced two nice tubers, all pictures below are from the same plant.

The small piece in the picture below is the tuber chunk this plant was started from.

These turned out to be not connected by the tuber tissue 

The tubers are deep purple inside. Now I need to figure out what to do with these.

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  1. Sandra can make an ube halaya or she makes these really delicious cookies crumble with them.


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