Saturday, December 2, 2023

Kei Apples #8 and Not #8

 I aquired both selections #8 and Not #8 from Dennis Sharmahd a decade ago. #8 is his early sweet female and Not #8 is a later fruiting female with more acidity than #8. Both accessions were planted in my yard and grew pretty good, but with the limited sun exposure they never bloomed. I will be reestablishing these at my new farm. These are available as cuttings during the December 2023 sale at These root well for me.

My own Kei Apple selections, Sweet female #4, Dense female #1, and Male #3 are now young trees on the new farm and their propagation material will become available in a year or two.


  1. Happy New Year! Would love to purchase some cuttings of your sweet varieties.

    1. Right now we only have Not #8 in stock at I thought it was pretty good when I tasted it at Dennis’ farm


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