Saturday, December 2, 2023

Elaeagnus latifolia

 I grow two accessions which I named according to the sources they came from. The one I call Chuck, came as a scion from Chuck Chan and most likely the latifolia species. I grafted it onto the goumi tree I already had growing in my yard, and years after I can state that these are fully compatible. This accession also roots easily and I just planted multiple small rooted plants on my new farm.

The Mimosa accession is from the Mimosa nursery in LA. The leaves a little different than Chuck's, the plant didn't have a tag. I was promised large sour fruits when I was buying this plant. This one may or may not be latifolia, but it's certainly a related species. This accession might be s little more frost sensitive but I only noticed a little frost damage on immature leaves after the below freezing temperatures. This didn't affect the plant growing in my yard in Davis, as it is pretty vigorous. This accession also roots but a little slower than the Chuck's accession. I have also planted multiple small rooted plants on my new farm.

Both accessions are growing like shrubs that want to climb on the neighboring trees. None of these bloomed yet for me, and by offering the plant material from both at I hope to hear that the others are more successful to bringing these to production.

On the left side of the picture below is Mimosa, the right is Chuck. Mimosa leaves seem to be a little larger on average. 

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