Saturday, December 2, 2023

Mulberry Shelli turned out to be a faux one

 Last winter I distributed the scions of Shelli mulberry. I received them from another US mulberry enthusiast. Unfortunately, this summer fruits on this tree proved it to be a faux one. I checked around if anyone has a real Shelli in the US, and could not find any confirmed material. The good thing about this Faux Shelli is that it roots very easily and can be useful for rootstock.  I currently have four trees of this fake Shelli in the ground that will serve as rootstocks. 

If you purchased this accession from me last year, and you would like a refund, please contact me by writing an email to 

Alternatively, if you are placing an order on this season, send me a note when ordering, and I will discount or add a comparable accession.

This is not how Shelli fruits should look:

 The real Shelli makes large black fruits.

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