Sunday, December 28, 2014

My subjective notes from tasting of 27 citrus varieties

Harvey Correia brought 27 different citrus varieties from Lindcove and we sampled them at Ken's place in Davis, CA on Dec 18, 2014

Okitsu wase good, sweet, membranes are hard
Dobashi Beni very nice, membrane is softer
Harvey's Miyagawa very good, smaller fruits
Miho wase very sweet, soft membranes
China S9 has acid, maybe harvested too early, membrane is hard
Kuno wase good tasting, not too sweet, membranes are medium hard
Xie-Shan on the dry side, membranes are hard, but crunchy.  Maybe harvested too late after prime-time
Clementine Fina nice flavor, but membranes are hard, too hard
Corsica No. 2 Very nice, very soft membranes, my favorite
Kinnow LS Tart, maybe too early harvested, membranes are soft
Fremont Very hard membranes, the taste is just OK
USDA 88-2 Very nice, balanced.  Membranes are medium hard
USDA 15-150 Very nice, soft membranes
Page Balanced flavor, very nice, soft membranes, has a bit of grapefruit in it, another favorite of mine
Tango Maybe not ripe yet, a bit acidic
Daisy SL Very nice, membranes are almost not there.  Should get this one too, will try to grow from seed for now
Yosemite Gold Maybe not ready yet. Membranes are hard
Lima Plane sweet, no acid at all.  Not for me
Cara-cara Sweet, dark pink
California Rojo Has a bit more acid than Cara-cara.  Pigmentation is different
Harvey's South Orange Complex, nice, with some acid
Harvey's North Orange More acid, more aromatic, maybe less ripe than the South one 
Nordmann Not too sweet, but always seedless
Pearl Just OK
Mato Buntan Sweet, but a bit overripe
Sarawak Tahitian nice, sweet
Valentine The sweetest, with some pink color

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