Friday, January 27, 2017

Successful Rooting of Pomegranate, Fig, and Mulberry Cuttings

The steps to follow

1. Cover the upper portion of the cutting that will be exposed above soil, with one layer of parafilm.  You want to have 3-6 buds above soil.

2.   Cut the scion at 1/4 inch below the lowest bud.  You want 2-4 buds to be buried in the soil/perlite mix.

3.   Plant the cutting in a pot with a light potting soil.  The pot should be tall enough so that the inserted portion of the cutting is no longer that half of the pot height.  This way the moisture drains down from the lowest portion of the cutting, and the newly formed roots have space to grow down from the stem.

4.  Put the pot on a heating mat in a cold, low-lighted area, such as a garage.  The bottom heat will stimulate root development. The low light conditions will slow down the bud development.

5.  These instructions are based on Harvey’s video on fig rooting:

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