Thursday, May 31, 2018

First peaches

My earliest peaches in 2018 are Orion and Springtime.  Orion peach was introduced in South Africa. USDA Wolfskill station holds this accession.  Springtime peach was introduced by the Armstrong nursery in Southern California; the scions are usually available at the CRFG winter exchanges.
Both are white and cling-stone fruits.  Orion stone can be separated in some fruits.  My trees were planted/made two years ago.  Last year, I could not tell if I liked Sprintime.  This year, the fruits are of excellent flavor.  My only complaint is that they are small.  I should be thinning them better. Orion produced one fruit only last year, and it was very pleasant and sweet.  This year, the Orion tree was heavily affected by the leaf curl, however it made lots of fruit. Unfortunately, most fruits have some bitterness in them. I picked the fruits after we had two days of over 100F in May.  They could be stressed by the heat, or the tree simply didn't have enough leaf mass for the number of fruits produced. I'll continue growing Orion, but Springtime is the winner in the early peach category this year. The pictures are from May 30. Orion has more round shape.
Orion (left) and Springtime

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