Saturday, February 1, 2020

Navel Oranges and Cocktail Grapefruits

Navel Oranges

Three different navel oranges here, left to right: Early Navel, Washington Navel, and Robertson Navel

The Early Navel is sweet but simple; it maybe over its prime time by now. The Washington Navel is very complex with the most acidity out of these three. The Robertson Navel is my winner for today.  Very sweet, flavorful, and juicy.

Cocktail grapefruits from two different locations

I have a graft of Cocktail grapefruit that was fruiting for couple of years already.  Today I was gifted another Cocktail grapefruit from a different location.  My fruit picked today is on the left.  The fruit on the right is an order of magnitude sweeter.  It was picked probably days or a week earlier.  The rind could shrink in storage, I suspect.  Does anyone know if there is just one Cocktail or there are more? The differences could be due to the environmental factors, or they could be different fruits.  My husband thinks they are not of the same cultivar.

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