Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Feijoa tasting in late October of 2020

The summer of 2020 was unusually hot allover California.  In the Central Valley, we experienced five heat waves with the temperatures over 100F. This was not an ideal season for the development of feijoa fruit.  I do not expect to have many fruits of good quality this fall.  But it seems, that some cultivars more heat tolerant than others.  In September, I had a good crop of Kaiteri with excellent large fruits. Kaiteri is my earliest cultivar, and it was done fruiting by the end of September. Below are the fruit pictures.

By the end of October I noticed fallen fruits under some trees.  They could be ripe, or they just fell prematurely. Here are the results from this round of tasting on October 26, 2020. I suspect that the fruit quality was affected by the unusually hot summer weather.

Chesterwoody - Sweet, little acid, pleasant, gritty, no jelly but relatively creamy and smooth, very good overall.

Marta 8 - One of my seedings.  Sweet, crunchy, no jelly, unusual, some bitterness maybe coming from seeds. I need to try more fruits.  These were not good.

Flavia - Sweet with significant acid, gritty, jelly is developed, good overall.

8 Ball - Sweet, low acid, firm, jelly developed, gritty, good overall.

Moore - Very sweet, very low acid, no jelly, good overall.

Albert's Pride - Low sugar, low acid, no jelly, crunchy, low grit, but just OK now.

Marion (the fruits turned out to be from rootstock under Marion) - Low sugar, low acid, some jelly, no grit, just OK now.

Triumph - Good sugar content, very little acid, smooth, no grit, very good.

Marta 11 - One of my seedlings. Good sugar and acid balance, good jelly development, no grit, maybe good, but I need to try more than 2 fruits.

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