Monday, July 4, 2016

Avocado grafting

Two types of grafts worked for me in spring of 2016

1. Grafting onto small seedlings.  I used Duke seedlings that I started in the fall of 2015.
2. Side-wedge grafting onto strong water shoots of mature Mexicola tree (planted 15 years ago).

Grafting onto small Duke seedlings

Both normal cleft and reverse cleft worked fine.  In early April 2016 the following grafts were made/succeeded

1 Reed/1
2 Duke/2
4 Second Red/2
4 Royal-Wright/4

Cleft graft on Duke seedling, July 2016.  One of the slower growing ones.  Two faster growing Royal-Wright and both Second Red were planted in ground in the end of June.

July graft

One more seedling graft was made on July 4 using wood from Harvey's seedling tree.  I used reverse cleft for this one.

Seedling graft made on July 4, before and after wrapping the joint.

Side-wedge grafting onto water sprouts of mature Mexicola

In early April 2016 the following grafts were made/succeeded

3 Duke/2
3 Aravaipa/3

Two out of three Aravaipa grafts are very vigorous and reached few feet by July 4.  Below in the picture is the branch with all Duke and Aravaipa grafts.

Close up of the most vigorous Aravaipa graft is below

July Side-Wedge grafts

On July 4th three more side-wedge grafts were made onto the same Mexicola tree using scion wood of Harvey's seedling tree.  Two of them are shown below.

I'll update this page on the progress of July 4th grafts in few months.

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