Friday, October 14, 2016

Tasting pomegranates: Eversweet, Myatadzhy, Medovyi Vasha, Vkusnyi, Cranberry

These all are Early and Mid-season varieties. Eversweet and Cranberry originated in the USA. Myatadzhy, Medovyi Vasha, and Vkusnyi were developed in the USSR/Turkmenistan. I grow all of these with the exception of Medovyi Vasha. Medovyi Vasha fruits came from Harvey Correia.

Eversweet is usually my earliest pomegranate and we used to pick it early October in previous years. This year (2016) I collected the first fruits on September 9, and they were ready.  This pom is very sweet with very soft seeds. light pink juice.  Definitely going to continue growing it.

Myatadzhy is more complex in flavor, and ripens few weeks after Eversweet. Dark red arils, very soft seeds, more acid than Eversweet.  Definitely a keeper in my yard. Overlaps for few weeks with Eversweet.

Medovyi Vasha

Very sweet, soft-seeded, large dark arils.  Not much complexity in flavor, and some people detect the straw flavor in it.  It seems to be better flavored when picked earlier in the season.  The fruits picked mid-October 2016 were good.  My husband actually likes this variety, and I can live without it.


Large fruits with large red arils, hard seeds.  The flavor is rich, complex, and compensates for the hard seeds. The plant is vigorous grower, fruited in the second year in my yard.  Definitely a keeper.


Mid-season variety, one of the best.  Dark red arils, soft seeds, complex flavor with lots of sugar and acid. This variety is a must-have for the mid-season harvest.

The dormant cuttings of these and other pomegranates are usually available during our winter sales at


  1. Hi, do you have the picking time in comparison with Wonderflul?

  2. Wonderful is late, probably in 2-3 weeks I'll describe it in comparison with Dessernyi, Sakerdze, etc

  3. Vkusnyi....I have a huge one of these and will be pruning scions in Jan. For the exchange.

  4. Vkusnyi....I have a huge one of these and will be pruning scions in Jan. For the exchange.

  5. Any of this grown in zone 7a

    1. Not sure if they can be grown in 7a


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