Monday, October 10, 2016

Tasting pomegranates: Dewey, Garnet Sash (Elf), and Mae

I picked fruits of these three cultivars on October 9, 2016. They all are sweet, and all have large hard seeds.

Mae has the most acid, and a little of bitterness, but still pretty sweet. Probably the least desirable fruit from this set.

Garnet Sash has the the largest and hardest seeds.  The arils are sweet with a bit of vanilla flavor.

Dewey is sweet with slight acidic tone. Probably the most juicy one out of these three cultivars. If I had to select the best out of these three cultivars, Dewey would be the one for me.

All these are less desirable when compared to a fruit of Vkusnyi pomegranate, that is ready now too.
However, they are certainly add to the tasting experience of pom flavors and may have other important traits outside of flavor and seed size.

Mae fruit

Garnet Sash (Elf) fruit

Dewey fruit


  1. Mmmmmmmmmm....and love the photos!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm....and love the photos!

  3. Hi everyone, is any shop or Place in Los Angeles I can go and buy a tree?
    I need very sweet hard seed Pomegranate tree.

    1. When I get to that area, I go to Mimoza, Champa and some others. Just search for plants nurseries on your phone or computer to find the ones close to you


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