Friday, November 22, 2019

Pomegranates. Azadi, Myatadzhy, and Vina

All these are mostly sweet to very sweet and soft-seeded
Myatadzhy - top, 
Azadi - left, and Vina - right.

'Azadi' Sweet and simple flavor, soft seeds, pale red arils, gold or light pink skin, late season, good keeper. Originated at the Experimental Station of Plant Genetic Resources, Garrygala, Turkmenistan (USSR)

'Myatadzhy' Sweet with just enough acid for interest, soft seeds, dark red arils, dark red skin, early season. Originated at the Experimental Station of Plant Genetic Resources, Garrygala, Turkmenistan (USSR)

'Vina' Papershell type with pink skin. Very sweet arils are bright red with soft seeds. Mid to late season. Originally from the Trappist Monastery in Vina, CA, USA

Side notes

I find it peculiar that Richard Ashton in his book THE INCREDIBLE POMEGRANATE PLANT & FRUIT describes some acidity in Azadi: "DPUN 135 Azadi – Very sweet, medium sized fruit. Name means ‘freedom’ in Persian. Peach colored gold fruit. Light pink sweet soft seeds with a little pleasant astringency." I suspect they picked the fruit a bit early. I usually pick this fruit from mid November. Maybe I should try it earlier too.

The opposite goes for Myatadzhy. Here is his description: "DPUN 134 Myatadzhy – Very sweet. Soft seeds. Seeds have nutty taste." In my experience, Myatadzhy picked at it's prime time in early October has the best flavor with some mild acidity.  Myatadzhy picked in mid-late November will be mostly sweet.

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