Sunday, November 24, 2019

Pomegranates. My seedling of Vkusnyi, Balegal, Girkanets, and Kandahar

The seedling of Vkusnyi and Balegal are plain sweet with soft seeds. Girkanets is very complex with good amounts of sugar and acid, and the Kandahar is plain sweet.  The later two have hard seeds.
Positions for the opened fruits picture:
My seedling of Vkusnyi - top left, Balegal - top right
Girkanets - bottom left, Kandahar - bottom right

My seedling of Vkusnyi was started from seed in 2014. I am still evaluating this one. Very productive, the fruits are light colored and more flat than a typical pomegranate shape. Sweet, not complex, might need a bit more maturation. The seeds are very soft. The arils are bright red. Very attractive when cut.

Balegal Productive, medium sized pink fruits. The arils are bright pink, sweet, with soft seeds. This variety originated in San Diego.

Girkanets Very dark fruits with dark arils.  The flavor is excellent, complex, sweet-sour.  The seeds are hard. Originated at the Experimental Station of Plant Genetic Resources, Garrygala, Turkmenistan (USSR).

Kandahar Very attractive bright red large fruits. The variety came to me as Kandahar Early, but the fruits don't seems to be fully ripe even by the end of November.  The arils are bright red with simple sweet flavor and large hard seeds. Lots of white pulp between the sections. Clearly, this is not the best selection from the Kandahar province of Afghanistan that is known for its good quality of pomegranates.


  1. Interesting that you grew and got fruit from a Vkusnyi in 5 years. Your fruit is much lighter outside than my fruit and does have soft seeds. Did you find that Poms are mostlt true to parent?

  2. No, the pom seedlings from cultivars are not true to parents

  3. wch of tnhese varieties can withstand the most cold winter temperatire without injury?

  4. Hi Bill, I really don’t know, as I’m in zone 9B. The general belief is that hard seeded pomegranates are more cold hardy than soft seeded


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