Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A Creme Brûlée Flavored Persian Melon

 A friend gifted me this melon which is new to me. This is an Iranian melon with a very pronounced creme brûlée flavor. There are slight vanilla and basil notes too. I grew up in Central Asia where many different melons were available, but I do not remember any which would be similar to this one. This Persian melon has a very unique sweet flavor and crunchy texture. My son describes the flavor as chocolate covered marshmallow. 


  1. Hi Marta ! This melon looks very interesting ! Can you ask your friend if he knows the name of this variety, or if he can tell us where he bought the seeds, or if he can share/sell some seeds ? :) Thx

    1. Nicolas, the melon name is Mashhad, as it coming from this Iranian city

  2. I will him. Where are you located? This type of melons requires hot summer to ripen properly

  3. Thanks ! I'm in France, but your melon also interest folks in the US :)


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