Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Feijoa tasting in September


6 ( Marta 6, my seedling) - just ok for this fruit. I don’t think it ripened on the tree

7 ( Marta 7, my seedling)- good flavor but no sugar yet. These were the prematurely dropped fruits 

KK ( Kakariki ) - not ready at all

KT ( Kaiteri ) - I pulled these 2 fruits from the tree. Nice flavor and texture but these need a week or more on the tree

10 ( Marta 10, my seedling) - almost there. Very nice sweet flavor, but the main harvest will be in October 

CW ( Chesterwoody ) - ripe, flavorful but not overly sweet, gritty. The only ripe feijoa I have now in September, harvesting for at least 2 weeks already.


  1. Did you try eating the skin of the Kaiteri?

    1. The skin is thin and not bitter. Yes, this cultivar can be consumed with the skin. I also tried eating the skin of Chesterwood and Marion which started ripening now. These two have too thick and/or bitter skin to consume

    2. I've got it growing as well. The one fruit I left is multi times larger than anything else growing locally. I'm kinda excited to take a bite right through the side for some reason. Why no Takaka? Will you be crossing these with yours?

    3. I will add Takaka later, currently I reached the space limits in my yard. No plans for creating feijoa hybrids for now, too many projects are going on already


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