Tuesday, September 21, 2021

September fruits of Sacramento Valley

 September is a very fruitful month here. Here is what I have i in the picture:

Figs - many cultivars are fruiting now

Kei Apple - my Sweet female #4 is dropping fruits

Oak leaf papaya - this year I like these berries a lot

Strawberry guava - nice complex fruits from few trees

Lemon guava - my large leafed seedling started getting ready 

Jujube - all cultivars are ripening now. I only like these fruits at the brown crunchy stage

Duke avocado - I just picked these first 2 fruits 

Mexicola avocado - the fruits are ripening from early September 

Peaches - Fairtime is ready, Last Chance is starting 

Feijoa - Chesterwoody is ready

Apples - Fuji and Reinette Simirenko. The small flat apples are from a clone of an old tree in Coloma.

Asian pears - Shinko and Unknown Asian Pear

EU pears - Buttira Rosata Moretti

Asian persimmon - Coffee Cake

American persimmon - H63A

Pomegranate - Balegal 

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  1. Beautiful !!! Have you been getting any grapes? I remember the Jupiter variety that you let me taste when I visited was it in Vacaville? I think they may have been ripe earlier in the year. I forget what month Jean and I visited.

    1. Yes, the grapes produced but were largely ignored this year as it was a very busy summer for me. The Jupiter vines are still there


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