Sunday, December 12, 2021

Shirokolistvennyi satsuma mandarin

 I got this cultivar from CCPP only because it had Russian name.  "Shirokolistvennyi" means "Wide leafed".  The CCPP page says that it originated in the USSR. I wasn't impressed with the flavor last year, when it fruited the first time for me. However, it is different this year. I can taste the exact flavor of the mandarins, which we had in our New Year presents distributed through the Soviet schools in the 1970s (sponsored by the parents).  Those who grew there would know what I'm talking about, a mixed bag of candies, walnuts and a couple of mandarins.  Unfortunately, no photos of those bags are online, and if I would manage to find any, they would be black and white. Below are mine from today's tasting. The flavor is very nice, but the membranes are pretty hard now.  Maybe I should be tasting them earlier in the season.  I only had a few fruits from the graft on my Algerian Clementine.



  1. I thought peak time for most citrus here in California was April

    1. Depends on the cultivar. December to February is the peak


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