Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Watermelons on July 4th 2022

 This post is on the three cultivars of watermelons we tasted on July 4, 2022.  I grew Mama's Girl and Lemon Drop cultivars, and Jim-25 came from my farming neighbor,  Jim.  He is a breeder and produces hybrid seeds.

In the pictures below, the largest is Mama's Girl, the yellow is Lemon Drop, and the smaller green is Jim-25.

All these watermelons turned out to be very good to excellent.  Lemon Gold could take a few more days on the vine, but never the lees was pretty good and crisp.

Jim -25 was crisp and sweet, and the most flavorful and sweet was Mama's Girl.   In summary, I could eat any of these on any day.  All were happily consumed by the family and I.


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