Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Mambo Hybrid and Royal Golden Watermelons

Both Mambo Hybrid and Royal Golden are excellent watermelons. Mambo Hybrid started ripening right after Mama's Girl water melon, and we already consumed around five fruits or so. Royal Golden seems to be a bit later ripening, we cut our first ripe fruit on July 18th. 

Mambo Hybrid fruits are medium in size and green striped. The flesh is very sweet, the seeds are black, and the rind is thick.  Excellent melon.

Royal Golden fruits vary in size and can be very large.  My first fruit was over 20 lbs. However, I see smaller fruits on the vines too. They are supposed to be yellow outside, red inside. However, my first fruit was not uniformly yellow on the outside.  Red and very sweet inside with large white seeds. The rind is very thick and hard. Excellent fruit. 

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