Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Round melons

 This post lists four cultivars of round melons harvested at the end of July 2022. Two of them have been grown by me, Kolkhoznitsa ( Collective Farm Woman) and Kampyr (Grandma, Кампыр, Бабушка). Two others, Golden Hami and Golden Honeydew have been grown by my farming neighbor Jim.

Left to right in the images below: Kolkhoznitsa, Golden Hami, Golden Honeydew and Kampyr. 


Very sweet, aromatic and complex in flavor, the flesh is medium density.

Golden Hami

Very sweet, the flesh is dense and crunchy. 

Golden Honeydew 

Sweet melting flesh. 


Melting flesh but not much sugar yet. This wasn’t fully ripe fruit. I will retaste it in a few weeks.

The first three melons are excellent and early ripening. Kampyr should be harvested later. 

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