Saturday, July 29, 2023

Second set of summer apples

 This post describes four apple cultivars ripened by the end of July 2023. These were grown in a Sacramento Valley orchard. Below left to right: Mislabeled (probably Ginger Gold), Pepin Shafranyi, Red Alla (probably a strain of Gravenstein), and Amy’s Pink Flesh.

Amy’s Pink Flesh 

Soft, mushy, low acid, low sugar with some bitterness. Overripe by now, but was better tasting a week ago. Below is a picture of Amy’s Pink Flesh on July 21, 2023.

Red Alla

This might be a strain of Gravenstein. The fruit stem is very short, the flowers fit the Gravenstein type, see the flowers pictured below. I do not have a Gravenstein fruiting tree to compare directly. 

Soft but structured flesh with good balance of sweetness and acidity. Enjoyable to eat. Can form glassy patches, see the picture below. For the summer apples, I don’t consider the glassy patches to be a defect.

Pepin Shafranyi 

The flesh is denser than Gravenstein but juicy. Excellent balance of sweetness and acidity with some unusual flavors, maybe kiwi. Very enjoyable to eat. The flesh of some fruits gets the glassy patches, at least in my hot climate. I do not consider it as a defect for a summer apple.


I suspect this is Ginger Gold. Crunchy-soft-juicy flesh. Mostly sweet with a little acid. Very pleasant to eat. Seems to be sunburn resistant.

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