Monday, December 28, 2020

Adara Plum

Adara is a Prunus cerasifera selection with a wide range of compatibility with various Prunus species. Adara is also known as Puente, which is a trademarked name.

Adara is mostly used as intersteam for grafting cherries onto plums.  First, graft Adara onto plum, then graft cherry scions a season later.  It is possible to do both grafts in the same season as I described earlier. 

Adara can also be used as a rootstock and tolerates a wide range of soils.  I have a very good experience using it in heavy clay soils as a rootstock for sweet and sour cherries. The only problem I see with some vigorous sweet cherry selections is that they grow wide faster than Adara rootstock. In the picture below, Coral (left) and Lapins sweet cherries grafted on Adara at 3 years age. Grafting low maybe a better option, especially for vigorous cultivars.


  1. Hi Marta. How many Adara scions do you currently have? Can you give me a guesstimate of a percentage that root successfully? I want to buy some for grafting but would also like to grow some as rootstock.

  2. As I'm writing this comment, I have 24 in the PayPal inventory, but I should have some more. Those maybe on a thinner or thicker size than I like to ship. They root up to 100% in a proper well drained media.

  3. Can Adara cuttings be rooted?

    1. Yes, they root for me easily outside in a fast draining potting mix. Make sure to cover the above soil portion of the cuttings with parafilm or a similar material to prevent the loss of moisture

    2. Hi Marta. Can i buy your adara scion?

    3. I don't have any material at this time.


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