Sunday, May 23, 2021

Loquat tasting in May of 2021

 The pictures and taste notes are all from May 23, 2021.  Please note that this is early loquat season tasting for this location.  All fruits are from Vacaville trees. The later ripening varieties are not ready yet.

Ed’s Delight - sweet with a little acid, soft, juicy, pear flavored

Fletcher White - sweet-sour, needs more ripening time, pear grapes flavor 

Surprise - sour-sweet, strawberry flavored, very juicy, needs more ripening time

Chuck - sweet, apple-grape flavored, dense flesh

Mogi - sweet with a little acid, complex flavor with grape, baked apple, strawberry, very juicy

Jazzy - very sweet, very little acid, grape flavor not complex, a little boring now

Gold Nugget - sweet-sour, mild apricot-apple flavored, juicy

Argelino - more sour than sweet now, very juicy, complex flavor but needs more time to sugar up for flavor perception

Strawberry - very sour and juicy now. There is might be strawberry flavor but needs more time to develop sugar 

Espana - very sweet, some acid , dense flesh, apple-strawberry-grape flavored

My picks from this tasting are Espana, Mogi, and Ed's Delight.  They seem to be the most developed at this date with the best flavors and sugar content.

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