Thursday, May 27, 2021

Second tasting of loquats in May of 2021

 This is a much smaller set of loquat fruits than I described a few days ago. All fruits here are from my multigrafted tree in Davis. I have more grafts that fruited this year, but these are what the birds and squirrels left for me. 

Argelino still needs more time. It’s an excellent late cultivar, but does not have enough sugar yet.

McBeth  is actually not bad this year, or I may have caught it at the right time. Pretty sweet, dense flesh with some acid.  Mild apple-apricot flavor. Good size.

Shed fruits are coming from a recent small graft. Very sweet, juicy, with intense melon-apple-apricot flavor. Little acidity makes it an overall excellent fruit.

Napa Library is a small but very early and extremely sweet fruit with a flavor of very sweet melon and apple. I do not detect any acidity in this fruit.

My pick from this tasting is Shed.


  1. I would like to buy some seeds from your collection

    1. I don’t sell loquat seeds. The seedlings are not the same as parents.


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