Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Soursop fruit from a Davis greenhouse


Sometime in 2016 or around, I got a small seedling of soursop from a gardening friend.  The first two winters the tree was overwintering indoors by a window. In the fall of 2018 I took this tree to my work greenhouse, and it spent there its last 3 years.  The tree grew enormously fast, and I had to top it last summer, as it reached the greenhouse ceiling. The tree is still growing in a 10 gallon textile bag.  The first blooms showed up last summer, but none made it into a fruit.  The past winter of 2020-21 the tree produced lots of blooms, and it is still blooming now in spring of 2021.  I noticed the first developing fruit in early March 2021.  Here are the pictures from March 3: 

My guesstimate is that the fruit in these first pictures from March 3 is under one month after pollination.  This fruit fell into my hand completely soft and ripe on May 17.  If I am counting it right, soursop fruit develops from flower to ripe fruit in 3.5 months.

The fruit weight was 729 grams.
This fruit was very soft with a low amount of seeds. No strings, just a few in the middle core.
The fruit skin separated very easily from the flesh.
Flavor-wise, it was probably the best soursop I ever had.  The texture was very smooth. My only wish, it could be sweeter, if there is such thing as a sweet soupsop.  I should move this plant to a larger pot and maybe give it a shot of potassium. It is blooming non-stop, but I do not see any other potential fruits yet.

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