Monday, June 22, 2020

Avocado fruitlets in June

Young avocado fruitlets as seen on June 19, 2020 in Davis and Vacaville.


Brazos Belle

Guatemalan seedling UCD




Royal Wright

Second Red


  1. Great photos. have you tasted the Brazos Belle? I have heard conflicting reports on it's quality. I really enjoyed your previous blog post about cold hardy avocados. Do you think it could be possible to grow more cold hardy varieties in zone 9a? We see low twenties here most years.

  2. Yes, I just tasted the first fruit of Brazos Belle recently. It’s similar to Mexicola, but later ripening. I’d place it a bit lower in quality than Mexicola but still pretty good fruit. You should definitely try various cold hardy cultivars in 9A. I grow many zone 10 plants in my 9B. For avocados, I also think it’s important what rootstock is used for the trees you are going to test in 9A. Try Duke and Aravaipa seedlings


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