Monday, June 22, 2020

Mulberry cv. Black Prince

The tree is large, with the fruits ripening mid to late June in Sacramento Valley. The fruits are up to 2 inches long, fat, very dark with the lighter middle core. They are sweet with some acid, and nicely flavored. The fruit holds well for a mulberry and may have a good shelf life (when I get enough to keep them on a shelf).

The cultivar should be frost resistant, but this needs to be evaluated better in the US.  It grows as far North as Lithuania and Southern Finland.

I am planning to make this accession more available in the US. Occasionally we have small trees available for purchase at


  1. Looks nice! Let me know when you have some scions available of this cultivar. I'd love to try it out. Thanks Marta!

  2. Hi Reed-o Bandito, the scions or small plants will be occasionally available at

  3. I'd like to order a couple trees. When available please let me know 702-296-7086

    1. When I have the material, I post it at


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