Friday, June 5, 2020

Early apricots

A week or so ago I had a few fruits of Katy apricot from a new graft.  I'll wait for another year and let the grafts to mature before reviewing it. 

My Flavor Delight Aprium tree I have for 15 years, and it is a very reliable and abundant producer.  White Knockout and Twocot apricots are the recent additions.  Below in the picture, left to right are White Knockout, Flavor Delight, and Twocot. The picture and the tasting are from June 4, 2020.

All these are excellent apricots.  Flavor Delight is an aprium, but really tastes just as an apricot. White Knockout and Twocot are white apricots.

White Knockout is very sweet with mild acidity, juicy with nice crunchy texture and smooth skin.
Flavor Delight is sweet, juicy with melting soft texture, velvety skin. Highly productive tree.
Twocot is very sweet, melting but structured and chewy texture, small wonderful fruits.


White Knockout is a patented cultivar, and the trees are available from the Burchell nursery The fruits, when in season might be available from Andy's Orchard store in Morgan Hill, CA.  Most likely, there are other orchards that grow this outstanding apricot too.
Flavor Delight trees are common in nurseries.  We usually have the scions at the CRFG winter exchanges. I'm not sure if the fruits are grown commercially.  They might be too soft for the large scale picking and packing.
Twocot is a patented cultivar, and the trees are available from Stark Bro's. Andy's Orchard produces the fruits that can be found at their store in Morgan Hill, CA.

Check our sales site if we have the Flavor Delight scions available

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