Thursday, June 18, 2020

Eugenia itaguahiensis or Dwarf Grumichama

My dwarf grumichama has finally fruited in June of 2020.  The seed was collected in the fall of 2015 and germinated in early 2016.  The plant grows like a shrub with multiple stems. It overwintered fine in Davis in a 15 gallon potting bag by the Southern wall. I was calling this specimen Eugenia brasiliensis until recently, when I learned that this is the dwarf grumichama, Eugenia itaguahiensis.

The plant bloomed the first time in 2019, but no fruit were made that year.  This year, I learned that this plant requires a lot of moisture to hold the fruit.  I placed the pot in the large container, and I was filling it with an inch of water every day. This helped to bring the plant to producing a good amount of fruit. The fruits are not dropping from plant when they are ripe. They need to be pulled from the plant when fully black.  The flavor is pretty nice, fruity, sweet, but I don't like the skin that is a bit tough for me.  My son and husband do not notice the skin at all. Somehow the fruit reminds them a blueberry. The fruit has a few large seeds usually. All the pictures are from this year.

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