Friday, November 20, 2020

Early Satsuma mandarins

Okitsu wase satsuma is ready in October, and it is my first mandarin.  It is followed by Miyagawa satsuma, and Miho wase is just starting now.  My Miho wase is grafted onto a Navel orange tree, and the fruits probably would be better if grafted on a regular rootstock or another mandarin.

In the pictures below, left to right are Miho wase, Miyagawa, and Okitsu wase satsumas. 

Okitsu wase is very good starting from October, and it is still the best one out of these three satsumas in November. The outer color of these mandarins are often green and does not reflect the fruit ripeness. 

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  1. Thanks for the comparison. Our okitsu wase are just starting to be ready. I think they were delayed from blooming because of late freezes in spring. They are very good. I found a miho wase grafted on c35 that I bought for my mom this year which should have fruit next year so it will be fun to compare the two.


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