Monday, November 16, 2020

Hylocereus undatus cv. Hardy

Back in 2015 I visited the garden of Leo Manuel in San Diego.  Leo is known for his collection of dragon fruits, mangos, and other tropicals.  The purpose of my visit was to buy the book on dragon fruit written buy Paul Thomson. During the yard visit, Leo offered me two cuttings from the plants that were not well distributed.  One was a hybrid between some tropical species that promptly died in it's first winter in Davis.  The second one was a pure H. undatus acquired from a friend. All he knew is that the plant should be hardier than most.  He called it "Hardy". Five years after, the plant still lives in Davis and occasionally fruits. The flowers are self fertile. The fruit is typical of an undatus. It is large, white fleshed, mildly sweet. The flesh is significantly sweeter in the middle of the fruit as compared to the fruit periphery. The fruit in the pictures below was collected on November 10, 2020 and was of an excellent quality. 

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