Sunday, November 8, 2020

My feijoa selections, tasting in 2020

 A year ago I selected two excellent tasting feijoa seedling. For now they go under Marta 7 and Marta 10 names.  All the details about them are in my last year post Feijoa Taste Tests.

This year I re-tasted these twice, and also included my #6 that was the third in the flavor quality last year. This past summer of 2020 was very hot with five heat waves of over 100F.  Never the less, both seedlings developed a good amount of fruits.  The inner jelly seems to be a bit less developed than last summer. However this didn't affect the flavor and texture.  My favorite is still #10 (Marta 10), followed by #7 (Marta 7).  #6 can be very good and sharp, but if the fruit is a bit under ripe, it can be very sour. 

The picture below is from November 3, 2020. #6 is on top, Marta 7 is on the left, Marta 10 is on the right.

The next picture is from November 8, 2020. Marta 7 is on the left, Marta 10 is on the right.

For selections "Marta 7" and "Marta 10"  the scionwood maybe available at

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